Most trips to home and away games we do by car or mini van. Occasionally we have one or two seats to spare at those trips.


If you are located in the Stuttgart/Ludwigsburg area you might catch a ride with us on those trips (with financial expenses of course). In that case just use the form on our contact page. Given that we have seats to spare we will contact you.


Those trips provide the perfect opportunity to get in contact with us. If the chemistry is right and we are start to getting to know each other, you will might become a future member of the supporters club.


Additionally to that we offer sometimes coach trips to Dortmund home games. If this is the case we will announce it right here or on the Fanabteilung forum.


Current seats to offer


Please contact us at our E-mail Contact



To avoid all missunderstandings from the beginning. If we mean free seats, we mean free seats for the trip. That does not include tickets! We are not a ticket exchange, nor a ticket sales office! Tickets will be offered only to our members! Non-members cannot be provided with tickets! 



We only offer seats as they are avilable!