Football is the most beautiful hobby in the world! With all our hearts and passion we follow our club Borussia Dortmund. But still, football is just a beautiful game and not a matter of life and death. Unfortunately there are plenty of people in our society which are not always on the sunny side of life. Therefore we feel obliged to engage in social projects and help those in need.


One of those projects is the Kinderhospizdienst Ruhrgebiet e.V. in Witten. At their facilities they provide comfort and relieve to children and young people which suffer from incurable illnesses. For the children and their families the work of the Children Hospitz provides indispensable services at the most difficult times. We`ve been deeply moved by the companionship and decided to support the facility with our donation and help to carry on with their services.

Alongside with other supporters clubs, support together, schwarz-gelbe sweeties, united south, BFC Ingelfingen, Mit Leib und Seele BVB and the Goldstadt Borussen we are very proud that we could raise a four digit sum to support this project. We`d like to thank everyone involed.


Information about the Kinderhospizdienst Ruhrgebiet e.V. you will find on their Homepage.

Their brochure issue 19 (Frühjahr 2012) Die Brücke, der Info-Broschüre des Kinderhospizdienstes.