There is not much more to add. Thanks, Piszczu! A great player, a great human being!

Professional football is sick! Unfortunately it was even before Corona. It showed severe symptomes of excessive commercializing, estrangement from fans, corruption and much more. A lot of it became more and more apperente during the corona crisis. These problems existed for quite some time. Games behind closed doors and their medial coverage, showed how different the perspective on football can be. Whilst most football supporters are irritated with cardboard fans and artificial chants from tape, TV provider SKY showed the highest ratings for pay TV coverage of football in germany ever.


For some time now, this poses the question: who owns football?


There are many questions around that topic and there will be probably no clear cut answer to that. Widely you could say, „football belongs to all of us“ But there are certainly very different interpretations what could mean though. Never the less it`s our understanding (and with us a broad range of people) that these controversial views have to be renegotiatied. We are no unworldly utopsts. We are very much aware that we are roaming in the world of professional football. Since the beginning of the sport, commercial interest played it`s part. How can it not, with millions of people following. It has been the case for decades. But in recent years the focus shiftet in the wrong direction. Now it`s our obligation to gain more influence in our sport.



Therefore a new initiative was founded, called „Unser Fussball“. It`s alliance of different supporter organisations, supporter groups and football fans. We are a part of it. If you`re interested in more information, visit the site „Unser Fussball“ by klicking the logo below.

BVB meets LFC


We frequently reported here about our meetings with our friends from Liverpool. It was only a few weeks ago when Eric accompanied us the last Bundesliga match at Gladbach. This time we met on neutral ground in spain. The occasion was Peters big birthday. Therfore we joined up in Salou, just about 60 miles south of Barcelona. The fitting location, of course "Shanklys Bar". When ever there is somthing to celebrate, the lads meet at Chris Medways Bar, where there is only one subjet -Liverpool FC.


There are probably not many locations more suited to see the champions league final. The place was packed and the atmosphere was buzzing. It didn`t took long before the sixth star was fitted over the doorway. Like always we had lot`s of fun with our mates from Liverpool. Til the next time lads!


R.I.P Hermann


This week we sadly learnt that a dear friend of our fanclub passed away. We mourn the loss of Hermann Lucas. We will treasure many memories around the BVB, in Dortmund, all around germany and europe. We will miss you! Our sympathy goes to Lucas family. So long, Hermann!

Visit from Liverpool


In February 2019 we finally got a visit  from our friends from Liverpool again. Eric, Nicky und Stephen stopped over  in Stuttgart for  a few days. They joined us for our trip to the home game against Hoppenheim. Unfortunatly once more the game against Dietmar Hopp`s (he most certain got a mother, which we don`t know) "tradition" club left us with a bitter taste.


But even that could`t take  away the great time we had with our friends from Liverpool. We had a lot to laugh and talked plenty of shite. We can`t wait until we meet up again, than on neutral ground in spain. For that matter, arse fart cockhead!

Visit to Liverpool


Once more at the easter weekend 2018 we took a trip to Liverpool to visit our friends. As always we had a fantastic time. We had planned to visit two games of City of Liverpool FC. Unfortunately we encountered a bit of bad luck. The first game against Runcorn was moved from saturday to friday at short notice. At kick off we were still on the plane. The second game against Bootle FC, due to the infamous english weather, had to be canceled. The pitch was water logged, therefore we had to spend our afternoon in the pub. But even without football we had a great time in the city by the Mersey. Thanks a lot to all the lads providing us with fantastic hospitality. Special thanks to Nicky, for cooking us scouse! Photos from the trip can be found at the gallery.


Boycott against Augsburg


For monday, february 26th the DFL scheduled the first monday night game for Borussia Dortmund. It`s our opinon, as many others, this fixture has nothing to do with more preparation time for europa league teams. Much more it`s a opportunity to increase TV marketing . Yet another exclusive live monday night game to attract TV audience in front of the telly.


This just proves that stadium audience considered as a folkloristic accessorie but not really matter. Create atmosphere on the terraces and other than that, shut the fuck up. Well, we won`t. Just like on protests for "12:12", "Kein Zwanni" and protests against Red Bull. We always will voice our opinions.


What people don`t realize, many home fans have to travel for hundreds of miles to each BVB home game. Every fortnight we take a over 500 miles roundtrip to visit Borussia home games. Thousands others do the same. For monday night games that means, leave 1 pm in the afternoon, return early tuesday morning at approx. 4 am. That will result in 2 days of your holiday you have to put in. And for what? So that the average TV consuming football fan, which probably never saw the inside of a stadium, can enjoy jet another live game on telly and comfortably fart on their sofas.


Not with us! We hope that many others will join us in this boycott to create the maximum attention. Therefore we appeal to all Dortmund fans to join us in these protests.


For further information about the boycott, click the picture on the right



R.I.P. Manfred


Sadly, yesterday a dear friend of us passed away.


In each and every one of us you left numerous memories, in which you will live on in our hearts forever. We will miss you, as a friend, a human being, as a Borusse. In our thoughts you will always be amongst us.


Thank you, Manfred!



We had the great privilege to take part of Hillsborough Memorial Service the following day after our Europa League game in Liverpool. We were deeply moved, even 27 years later, how the whole city of Liverpool paid their respects to the victims, their relatives and survivors of this horrible event. Even after all those years the relatives and survivors struggle for justice and truth in their campaign. What they are fighting for you can follow up at the Hillsborough Justice Campaign


It was a wonderful experience with how much respect and appreciation the people of Liverpool reacted to our participation. Thank you!


Justice for the 96!


Postscript: Hillsborough Inquests


Justice at last! You`ll never walk alone!

„Am Borsigplatz geboren – Franz Jacobi und die Wiege des BVB“

A movie about the birth of Borussia Dortmund and one of the forgotten founder, Franz Jacobi. This movie was financed solely by crowed funding. Of course we also supported this project. Further information about this project can be found here if you click on the Logo


The Solitude Borussen supports the initiative "Kein Zwanni für nen Steher" (Twenty's Plenty). We are the opinion that it`s in the interest of all football fan that tickets will be affordable to anyone.


Football must be affordable, for everyone!


Further information