Solitude Borussen

Oh boy, how time flies! In a blink of the eye 20 years passed by. Actually theses days we celebrate our 20th birthday. At December 19th 1999 the Solitude Borussen became an official BVB supporters club.


A lot have happend during those last 20 years. There were plenty of things to cheer about, celebrtate victories, lift trophies. But there were dark moments as well. Not talking about the sport, rather then the human aspect. Dear friends have passed away. But over the course of these years we although made new friends, which we wouldn`t want to miss anymore. What us always united, was our love for Borussia.


At this point we could tell plenty of stories and anecdotes. We experienced great times, went to many games all across europe, and had loads of fun off the pitch. But you know what they say, you had to be there! So instead here are some snapshots over the passed 20 years of the Solitude Borussen supporters club. for the next 20 years!